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MN Realtor Cindy Welu Interviewed on Kare 11 News

By Posted in - community & MN Real Estate & Real Estate & Realtor Advice on April 5th, 2014 0 Comments buyers bidding on houses

Click here to watch Video Clip:  Top Mn Realtor Cindy Welu Interviewed on Kare 11

Cindy Welu from RE/MAX Advantage Plus stopped by KARE 11 News Saturday to share tips on how to put your best foot – and offer — forward and how to win in a seller’s market.

Here is Cindy’s advice on how to become a desirable buyer and how to create a compelling offer that wings when multiple offers are on the table:

1. Don’t Put the Cart BEFORE the House. Make sure you’re pre-approved by a lender. It shows sellers that you’re serious about buying and your offer is solid.

2. Dollars Help Seal the Deal. Having a down payment of at least 20 percent in cash will still keep you in the running against cash-only buyers. Make sure you have proof, i.e. paperwork, to back-up your offer.

3. Aim High. With bidding wars, don’t save cash for the second offer. You may only have one chance to get it right, so don’t lowball. Make the best offer that works within your budget.

4. Have Your Home Inspector on Speed Dial. To stay competitive with other buyers, make sure you can have the home inspected either the day of or within a couple of days of making your offer. That way if there are costly repairs, you can either amend or cancel your offer quickly.

5. Beat the Clock. If possible, try to look at the home THE DAY it goes on the market. Then, offer to work within the seller’s time frame. Be willing to work around a quick closing or be flexible if the seller’s need extra time in their home.

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