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9 Terrible Home Improvement Ideas (You Should Avoid)

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When it’s one of those weekend days and the weather has refused to cooperate with outdoor plans, one way to fill the idle time is to go online and search home improvement ideas. You may not follow through with any in your own home—but it’s amusing to review the almost unlimited number of clever and inventive notions people have put out there for others to see.

When it comes to the kitchen, for instance, there are bounteous home improvement ideas. There’s the herb garden wall (in addition to a green thumb, a powerful sunlamp in the ceiling is required) or the pool table top that slips right over the center island. That one wouldn’t work if your kitchen’s island is plumbed: the water faucet would stick up and just ruin everything.

But among the clever and innovative home improvement ideas, you will also find some totally impractical—or just plain terrible ones. Here are nine of the silliest I’ve found, and suggest you avoid (especially if selling your home will be in the near future)—

  1. Hammock Over the Stairs. A space-saver, yes. An attractive idea? Just, no.
  2. See-through Bathtub. Glass walls for the tub = a housekeeping nightmare (among other drawbacks).
  3. Fire Pit Coffee Table. Again: please, just no.
  4. Ping Pong Door. This one is complicated: the closed door has pins halfway up that allow it to tilt horizontally, whereupon the plastic net is slid into notches provided in the door frame…anyway, it’s a REALLY small ping pong table.
  5. Cat Transit System. A CTS consists of 8” diameter tubes running throughout the house just below ceiling level. Exit openings are provided at various points. Added feline-pleasing features: windows cut into the tubes at various key viewpoints.
  6. A Wall That Plays Music When it Rains. This is an exterior wall idea. You install metal tubes, funnels, bamboo water chimes and tin pans to route rain water down the side of the wall as noisily as possible to splash and bang through twists and turns and waterfalls. This looks to produce the same quality of music a vacuum cleaner.
  7. Beach Sand Under Work Desk. Like an on-the-job vacation; facilitates barefoot computer working. But—alas—another housekeeping nightmare.
  8. Forest Chandelier. This one is a chandelier that looks like dozens of snakes coiled around one another: when lighted, it casts creepy shadows on ceiling and walls that “turn your room into a forest.” In a bedroom, certain to cause sleepless nights.
  9. Glass Floor Over an Open Shaft. This home improvement idea is available only to condo dwellers in buildings with abandoned elevator shafts. Since there aren’t many, we’ll never have to experience the horrendous effect (attached picture for site

Home improvement ideas can be unique and fanciful—but are best left in the idea phase if they are so unique and creative they would drive away potential buyers. Even if you aren’t planning on selling your place any time soon, it’s prudent to keep that option open. And if you are making plans that are more immediate: give me a call at 952-484-2953!


Cindy Hanson Welu is the team lead with the Welu Home Team at Keller Williams Realty Elite specializing in marketing and selling listings.  952-943-1324

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