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If you or someone you know are finding yourself in a situation where the value of your home is less than what you owe, we can help.  Over the past 5 years we have been a market leader in helping homeowners and investors sell their homes and negotiate with the bank(s) to successfully sell the home.   Doing a short sale instead of going through a full foreclosure is clearly the best solution for many homeowners.   A short sale will allow homeowners to protect their long term credit while allowing them to move into a much stronger financial position.

What is a Short Sale?

A short sale is simply selling your home when you owe more than the sale price.   In order to accomplish a short sale the lender or mortgage companies and any other lien holders must agree to accept less than the balance of what you owe and release your mortgage.

Is a Short Sale better than foreclosure?

Absolutely Yes! Since the concept of a short sale is so new many attorneys and so called industry experts assume the result is the same when in fact they have not looked at the long term differences in credit scores.   On average  a homeowner that completes a short sale will be able to buy a new home within 2 years and many times less than that.   We have seen our clients credit scores impacted between 50 and 80 points vs. 300 points in a foreclosure.   Simply put, if you are applying for a loan down the road, a foreclosure states that you did not care about sticking the bank with the property.   Many banks look favorably on consumers who do the right thing and get the most they can for a property, realizing that the market conditions are of no fault of the homeowner.

What does the short sale process look like?

The process is very similar to selling any home with the exception of a lot of back end paper work and lender negotiation on behalf of the Realtor or person handling the short sale.  For a Free consultation call our office at 952 943 1324.