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Benefits to Selling during the Winter

By Posted in - MN Real Estate on November 26th, 2010 0 Comments

Minnesota Homes For sale – during the winter!

Here in Minnesota many homeowners feel its a waste of time to have their home on the market during the dead of winter months of January and Feburary.   The fact is that selling your may actually be easier in the winter than in more traditional months like April and May.  

There are less homes for sale in Minnesota this time of year

Many sellers pull their listings of the market leaving less competition to choose from for serious buyers.   This puts sellers in a position of strength when they don’t have to compete with the huge inventory levels we have seen in the warmer months of the year

Relocating to Minnesota

Many large companies move employees this time of year to get them in position to start the new year.   These people turn into serious buyers and will generate a solid amount of buyer activity even in the tough markets

Low interest Rates continue

Buyers are still paying attention to the market even though they want to deal, mainly because of exteremely low interest rates and low prices.

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