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“Trophy” Chanhassen Luxury Home Sold To Local Executive Represented By Joe and Cindy Welu

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Chanhassen Realtors – Sell Jared Allen (former MN Viking)  Home to Local Exec

A Denali built home that’s arguably the finest in Chanhassen Sells for $1.55M.   A local executive and personal client of Joe Welu’s purchased the home.  The home was not actively being marketed but seemed like the perfect fit.   “I knew the property well, and knew Jared was going to be selling it.  After spending a little time working with the client, I reached out to Jeff Dewing, Allens Agent, and put the deal together over a few days,”  said Welu.

The Transaction made the LA times “Hot Property” column. Click here:  LA Times Article on the Jared Allen property

Need a More Accurate Home Valuation than Zillow?

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Almost everyday we hear from a consumer that they saw the value of their home on Zillow was $x –so naturally, thats what it should sell for.

Not so Fast… Zillow uses advanced algorithms to predict value, however many of the hyper local trends can affect valuation numbers.  These factors are simply not able to be added in to their calculations.

Most good Realtors will be able to give you a very accurate value of your home thats going to be more reliable.

As a courtesy to the Communities we serve, we offer a quick and accurate valuation.

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