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Minnesota Real Estate Experts Agree on 3 things

By Posted in - MN Real Estate on February 22nd, 2011 0 Comments

Minnesota Realtors and Industry Experts See the Obvious

Short Sales are here to stay

MN Homes that are selling short of whats owed on the mortgage can make up as much as 1/2 the sales on any given month.   The agents in Minnesota we have spoken with feel this number will remain high and even grow over the next couple of years.  Even though the market seems to be better in most respects, the massive loss of equity will not be restored for years to come.  Thus forcing homeowners to negotiate with their lenders and do Short Sales.

Upper Bracket Prices will decline

The upper end in Mn and across the country has seen something call “strategic default” take the market by storm.  Sellers who feel its a better business decision are walking away from homes in record numbers.  As defaults in this price range grow, it means more downward pressure on pricing.

Housing demand is coming back

Although slowly, demand is coming back for homes.  Traffic is up across the board with buyers that are either sick of renting or simply want in before prices go up.   The demand is not in all price ranges equally, but it is present more now that in the previous 2 years.   Even though prices are far from rebounding, people realize that homes are something that’s needed in this country.   People are not going to start colonizing in tent cities like a few crazy people predicted in the dark months of 2008.   The population is growing without question which means the need for more housing units in the coming years

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