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Minnesota Realtors Increase Online Networking

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Minnesota Realtors

–across the state are working hard to establish their niche in the current housing market.   You have many Realtors that are specializing in Short Salesand Bank owned properties to accommodate the growing number of listings that fit that profile.   And you also have agents that are working the new social media tools to expand their online networks to help them gain more buyers and sellers in Minnesota and beyond.

Marketing Real Estate on Facebook and Twitter

Its no surprise that people everywhere are turning to Facebook to get their friends and families opinions on everything, including buying and selling a home in Minnesota and virtually every other market across the nation.   When you think about the fact that you are more likely to get specific relevant information from your friends and social acquaintances than you are just generally doing a google search and sifting through the results you see why this medium is so vital in Real Estate Sales.   Photo tours of homes are being Tweeted and posted on Facebook everyday in hopes of getting opinions to reinforce a buying decision.    While this is still so new to many the younger buyers and sellers are adopting it massively across the board in all their consumer experiences.

Realtor Referals and Networking sites

Sales teams like The Joe And Cindy Team of Remax and many other top selling teams across the country are using Realtor networks like, the Remax network and Linked In to connect with Realtors and referring buyers and sellers back and forth between companies.    This is a great example of how the real estate buying and selling experience is changing.  In the old days if you were relocating from Minnesota to California you simply Sold your home with a Realtor in Minnesota and then found a realtor in California when you got there.   Now if you have an agent that you like locally chances are if they are a top producer they have tools to connect you with a similar agent with similar credentials in other markets across the country.

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