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Move up Buyers Active

By Posted in - MN Real Estate on February 24th, 2012 0 Comments

Minnesota Home Buyers Are Upgrading

In recent weeks we have seen an unmistakable trend in the Minnesota Housing market.   Home owners who are sick of their current property are looking to take advantage of the low rates and cheap prices and upgrade their lifestyle with a higher quality home.   Through MN Realtors we talk with weekly, the message has been consistent.   More inquiries and information requests are coming in from buyer (and sellers) looking to make a change.

The market in the Twin Cities is perfect for the opportunist

Money is certainly made when the markets hit bottom.  Meaning people that are either lucky enough or smart enough to judge the market cycle correctly, will make a substantial gain in equity if they purchase at or near the bottom.  Add the buzz on the street of the market being at the bottom with rediculous low rates -that smart money knows how to leverage-  and you have some really outstanding conditions for a least a moderate bounce in the market this year.

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