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Short Sale Help-Confidential consultations

By Posted in - MN Real Estate on May 20th, 2010 0 Comments

With the decline in prices we have seen in the Twin Cities metro market over the past three years more and more homeowners are finding themselves in negative equity positions. These situations are posing challenges for sellers who need to move but aren’t sure what the options are. The bottom line is there are options. Many banks have upgraded their procedures in recent months to correspond to federal guidlines. This has allowed homewners to be able to accomplish the sale of their home without a devastating foreclosure. The first step every seller should do is evaluate their need vs desire to move. If you have a true need to move most lenders will work with you to accomplish a sale. However if you simply are sick of your home and want to stick a lender with 100k in negative equity it will be a challenge to complete a short sale. We reccomend sitting down with a realtor thats qualified and highly experienced in navigating the short sale process. Call to schedule your free no obligation consultation with our fully trained staff of short sale experts.

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