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The Best REALTOR® is the One Who Knows Your Town!

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When you Google “seeking the best professional,” in about a half a second you are presented with 403 million candidates (not to play favorites, SearchEngineWise, when you ask Bing the same thing, it gives you a mere 62.6 million…which might actually prove more useful, since it would only take you a little more than a year to scan each for 2 seconds).

Narrowing the quest, when you Google “seeking the best Realtor®,” it gives you just a few less than 2,000,000 likely results. Since anyone seeking the best real estate professional to buy or sell their home isn’t after one eight states away, almost everyone quickly narrows the search to ‘best Realtor in Your Town’ That number varies from time to time, but almost always more than 500,000 show up (the ones at the top are paid ads).

This isn’t actually as whimsical a quest as such results suggest: it’s a quite serious undertaking. Even if you are a veteran homeowner—someone who has bought and sold homes multiple times in the past—today’s market is so vastly different from what it was even ten years ago (thank you, Internet!) that you need to connect with a Realtor in your home town who will bring you success in this vast new arena. This will be someone whose marketing knowhow is as current as this morning’s Tweet—but whose depth of knowledge and experience in adroitly handling the old-fashioned local workings (and, alas, paperwork) are also encyclopedic. Today, your “best local Realtor” will have mastered it all.  They know the local schools, shopping, parks, events, activities, commute times, attractions, values and pricing, inventory and more.

So, what’s the right way to go about finding her/him? What’s a homeowner or prospective home buyer to do when they are bound and determined to actually find the best professional in the specific area they want to live? There are positive steps to take:

  1. Word of mouth: ask around to people whose opinions are substantial. Even if you are looking to sell and someone whose opinion you trust has experience only as a buyer, take the agent’s name. The best Realtors in a specific area are great on both fronts!
  2. When you are out and about in the neighborhood, note the “For Sale” yard signs planted in the lawns of appealing-looking properties. Jot down the agent’s contact number and website – put them on your list.
  3. Check the local publications, social media sites, ads in print and online, and even check for local bulletin boards, flyers, mailers, etc. Who lives and works in your area daily?
  4. Check your town’s listings: see which agents are prominently represented in your town’s listings—especially for properties in the same general price range. Look for eye-catching, well-written listings, great photos and enthusiasm for their listings.

And finally, having compiled a list of your likely suspects (2-4 is a good number), take the final and most important step of all:

  1. Stop Googling—and start interviewing!

The search for the best Realtor in your town will take a bit of energy—and a bit of your time—but given the significance of the task ahead, is guaranteed to be worth your while. Since you’ve found my local blog, I hope you will put me on your list of best area Realtors—please don’t hesitate to give me a call!

Cindy Hanson Welu, Team Lead of JCT Group

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