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Tips on Spring Cleaning to Sell

By Posted in - Realtor Advice on April 7th, 2011 0 Comments

Selling Your Home in MN this spring?

Here in Minnesota spring time has a special meaning.   For the first time in many months,  homeowners come out of the winter hibernation and start cleaning out the garage and sprucing up the yard.    If your selling a Home in MN this spring, the cleaning  process takes on a new meaning.  Following are some tips that can be helpful when getting your home ready.

Clean the carpets and Floors

Winter means salt and snow tracked in the house.   To sell your home you will want to have your carpets freshly cleaned assuming you have had any foot steps on them.   Hardwoods should be buffed and shined to get rid of the dull finish or scratches from dragging the Christmas tree.  The goal is to have everything look and smell spotless.

Open the windows often

Our homes stay closed up for so many months that proper circulation becomes an issue.  There is nothing like fresh air to make a home smell like spring time.   When showing your home or preparing for a sale you will want to have fresh air in the home before showings as much as possible.  There is nothing worse than smelling someones very personalized cooking styles when looking for a new home.

Replace all the rugs

Most of us have rugs in the entry or foyer of our homes.   Now is the time to throw them out and shop for new ones.   Fresh and new rugs matter for the precious first impression

Power Wash the deck and driveway

Decks get virtually no use from November to April and will have dirt, leaves, and debris laying around.   When buyers are house hunting this time of year they want to step outside and see the back yard.  A deck that has not had proper attention will leave a poor taste in their mouth when it comes time for a decision to be made

Get rid of the junk

Spring is a great time to purge the junk drawers and other areas of the home that become a catch all.  When selling you want buyers that view their own lives as more organized if they buy your home.   If the drawers and cabinets are clean and tidy it gives them a positive vibe.

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