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What does “Show Ready” Mean

By Posted in - Realtor Advice on May 9th, 2011 0 Comments

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As agents representing sellers we are often asked what it means to have a home show ready.   This is something that can be difficult to explain but never hard to understand once you have experienced it.  This past weekend we toured approximately 20 Active homes on the market with varying degrees of cleanliness and showing preparation.   When I tour homes for sale its always a quick reminder of what it means to be “show ready” and “not ready”.

If you are selling your home in the Minnesota Real Estate market this year, you want to make sure to use some basic guidelines when showing your home.


The homes we toured that had gone through this process clearly stood out.  Taking down photos of the family and any special decorations that are unique to your personal tastes is a good first step.  Buyers want to visualize their own personal things in the house so its best to have neutral decor.   This means getting rid of all the “stuff” that you think makes your house a home.  No  Scrap booking stations, no family shrines or pictures of your kids from age 5 to 25 in Chronological order.

Cover the scents

Animal and smoke smells will send buyers out the door quicker than anything.  Even though you think your home doesn’t smell like your dog or cat, you may be used to it therefore get an unbiased opinion.  Do not take this personally animal or smoke smells are very offensive to people that don’t smoke or have pets and should be evaluated when de-personalizing your home.

Get rid of the shades

Nothing can take the place of natural sunlight when making in comes to making a home feel inviting.  Get rid of all the heavy shades and have the blinds pulled up for all showings

Clean and then Clean some more!

I tell all our clients clean to where you feel your home is immaculate, then do 20% more.   Over the top sparkling clean is the biggest factor in selling a home now.  When you are competing against Foreclosures and short sales an immaculate turn key home can be the ticket to a sale.

Follow these simple steps to a show ready home and your home will perform betting in the market hands down.

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