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Why Won’t My Home Sell?

By Posted in - Realtor Advice on April 24th, 2011 0 Comments

As Minnesota Realtors for the past decade we have seen our share of homes that have difficulty selling.  Surprisingly the top question I get from many sellers is “Why won’t my house sell?”   They tell me they are listing with a great Realtor with a strong reputation and their house is still not selling.   They even say they have followed the recommended pricing suggestions.  The fact that it’s a tough market with fewer buyers is only part of the story.   The reality is there will be thousands of homes in Minnesota sell this year many of which are not foreclosures or short sales.  You can easily make your home one of them if you follow some simple advice in addition to just price.

Too Much Emotion

Its true we get attached to our home and sometimes fail to admit when there is something wrong with the home such as pet smells, dirty carpets, or a poor weekend remodel attempt.  This can be a fundamental problem when trying to pin down a sale of a home.  Put away the emotion and act like a buyer for a second.  What would you truly think of the home if you were in the market?

Wrong Presentation

The shrine of photos from the family vacation may make the home feel perfect for you, but the truth is a clean palate is always better.   Additionally think of selling an asset in its best form from top to bottom.  Does the home have enough natural light?  If not talk to your Realtor or professional stager about some ideas.  Simple ideas have made huge differences for our clients at times.  Getting rid of curtains and changing paint color can make a presentation.

Poor positioning

What are the attributes of the house that make it desirable?  Is it a home for empty nesters, professionals, families or a first time buyer?  Know the target market for your home and market it to the right segment.   Changing what segment of the market you are going after can mean changing your ad copy and many times which photos you are using.  If your home is a one level, don’t expect it to sell to a buyer thats looking for a two story with four bedrooms.  Bottom line is don’t try to make your home something its not.  Be unbiased about what you have.

Not being flexible for showings

One of the biggest mistakes sellers can make is thinking that if someone really wants to look at the home they will reschedule.  It does not matter if they chose to set up a showing once.  Decline a showing for any reason and you could miss your perfect buyer.   This sounds harsh but when you are selling your home be ready to get out for a showing anytime 7 days a week.  It’s not convenient and it will drive you crazy, but buyers are not beating down doors and chances are they are looking at 10-15 homes and yours can become a distant memory with ease.

Listen to your Realtor

Make sure you have done your due diligence and selected a top producer with a great track record.  Then listen to them.  There are some great agents out there that make it their passion to know the business and its current trends.  If you hired one of those agents the worst thing you can do is tell them how to do their job.  We have been pretty lucky in getting good clients but occasionally we get someone who truly thinks they know more about selling Real Estate than we do.  Even though their industry may have some similarities, this business is demanding and changing every day.  Unless you have made it your passion to study the industry, leave it up to your agent to make marketing decisions and listen to their guidance.

Happy Selling!

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